Treat Yourself to One of Our Iconic Flavors

Treat Yourself to One of Our Iconic Flavors

Make us your go-to place for ice cream in Fort Myers Beach, FL

When you're craving an ice cream cone, come to Hershey's Ice Cream of Sunset Beach. Because we use real milk and cream instead of whey, our ice cream is always creamy and delicious.

Call 239-240-2323 now to speak with one of our ice cream servers in Fort Myers Beach, FL.

Discover your new favorite ice cream flavors at our shop

Grab one of your old favorite ice cream flavors or try something new. We can scoop out many premium flavors.

Hungry for something else? Our premium gold flavors contain a higher butterfat content, making them creamier and tastier.

Stop by today to order one of our premium or premium gold ice cream flavors in Cape Coral and Fort Myers Beach, FL.